Jun 8, 2010

Bungalow DK

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Beautiful block-print textiles with bright colours are the showpieces of Danish brand Bungalow.

´For thousands of years, craftsmen of India have been making decorative block-printed cottons, enchanting and inspiring others around the world.
Skilled craftsmen stamp the cloth using carved wooden blocks to imprint the designs unto the fabric. Depending on the number of colours and the inticracy of the designs the printer hand stamps the cloth 500-2000 times to complete a set of bedlinen.
The art of block-printing is passed down from generation to generation and to achieve the highest quality we are working with some of the best block-printers in India.We love the charm and vividness of these traditional prints and hope that they will bring joy to your shop or home.
Block-printed textiles are handmade products and the printing process is lengthy and complex. No piece is identical. Small spots and imperfections can occur from the printing process. These are not faults, but reminders of the fact that it is made by hand, and are to be expected´ [Minna Hildebrandt, chief]

But the company not only provides textiles, but also pretty lamps with a fairy touch, steel caddies, all kinds of stationery (notebooks, giftpapers a.s.o), bags & baskets and much more.

in the Netherlands partly available at Lille Lykke  and at Savonnerie in Amsterdam.


Valloittava valkoinen said...

Oh!!! I so love! those sure would bring some special touch into home!

Thanks for sharing!

vosges paris said...

ooops de savonnerie durf ik bijna niet meer binnen te gaan... ik heb daar oit eens een enorm blik vol laurier zeep snippertjes laten vallen hahaha je had haar gezicht moeten zien.... zelfs geen sorry accepteerde ze van mijn kant...

bicocacolors said...

you´ve got a new follower,
i love your blog!!!
thanks from Spain

Gypsy Purple said...

Oooh!!! I just love this!!

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