Jun 5, 2010

BEMZ Sweden

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Sweden based company BEMZ is specialized in making slipcovers for the most popular of Ikea-sofas and chairs. The company is now launching their newest product: a slipcover with a new loose-fit in country-style. 

Lesley Pennington is the founder of Bemz. A couple of years ago Lesley went on maternity leave, and during that time she had a compelling desire to do something with her career that had a higher purpose in her life. Something more fulfilling, and something that would allow her to balance her family life with her chosen career. While the business idea for Bemz has evolved over the last three years, it is the children in Lesley's life that are the inspiration for Bemz. Bemz is dedicated to them. The name Bemz is an anagram comprised of all of their initials: Björn, Emil, Madeleine, and Zoë. They are a constant reminder of the real successes in life…

´We have created a new style of slipcover for all those who love vintage interiors and a ´shabby chic´ style. These slipcovers are sewn in an exclusive Belgian-linen fabric and have a looser fit and more details than our usual slipcovers´.

Libeco Lagae Belgian linen


Mara said...

Oh wow!!! thank you for sharing this wonderful images!!! I'm just going to check their site!


Valloittava valkoinen said...

Very lovely, i like!!!


vosges paris said...

Hier zullen heel wat mensen blij van worden ;)