Feb 26, 2010

Studio DITTE

Studio Ditte: a Netherlands-based design-agency, specialized in concept-development and product-design. ´Studio Ditte wants to add something to the user’s perception of the environment by giving everyday life an extra touch. A hidden story, an element from another culture or a twist that makes you think about things. We do not believe in heavy philosophy or in design movements. However, we do believe in people and their emotions, desires and dreams´.

Several products are available in their Webshop.

On the agenda:
Belgium - Batibouw in Brussels Expo from 25/02 - 07/03/2010.
Sfeer in Flanders Expo Gent from March 13 - 21.


vosges paris said...

je timmert lekker aan de weg hier, best een goed idee dit blog, ik vind m iig leuk !

MALVINI FF said...

this is a very dangerous post for mommy's!!!

But niiiceeeeee


PS: mooie spullen!!!