Feb 15, 2010

Beach House Company

[Photos & text: Beach House Company]

Sleeping in jersey sheets is the natural thing to do for many people with houses on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Beach House Jersey Sheets are made for the wear and tear of life lived in salty air and sand blowing from moving dunes.

Our sheets provide a kind of comfort in cotton that's softer than percale but cooler than flannel. With stretchy give and take, the knits wrap more snugly around you than any woven sheets.
The quality can be depended on whether sleeping in a tiny attic room or a tent pitched in the woods. The cotton used is combed and ringspun, and the sewing with lockstitching is a long-lasting advantage. Testing has been made for twisting, strength, durability and colorfastness.
This bedding is made to be as essential to people as the distance of beaches, the vastness of the sea and the microcosm of a shell collection. We want to remind the world not to forget about verandas and wicker furniture, bonfires and beach picnics, even if life and work pulls the other way.


Sheets available at: www.parcourrier.se

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La Flotte said...

Hé Marjolijn, een nieuwe informatieve blog...écht iets voor jou! En wij zijn er weer blij mee natuurlijk.
Volgens mij speur jij heel de wereld rond!

Groetjes Heidi